Get between cities in a private car. Not a bus.

We’ve decided to discount all private rides by 50% in an effort to make travel more accessible to everyone.

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Routes we service

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Request your ride

Request a ride up to one hour before you need it

Scheduling a ride with Hitch is easy, flexible and affordable. Operating between Austin and Dallas and Austin and Houston, we have rides available between 7AM and 7PM, starting at just $25 per seat.

pick-up locations

Get to the pick-up location

We use highly rated, safe coffee shops and hotels as our pick-ups They’re located along the route to your destination city, so there’s no extra traveling. When you’re headed to a Hitch pick-up location, you’re also headed to your destination city.


Meet a local driver from your community

Rest assured that you’ll always get a ride and always have a driver. It’s our personal guarantee. Our drivers are people already headed that direction and carry interesting stories to share. We hope you and the other passengers get to become friends during the journey.

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Get Dropped off

Get dropped off at a location along the route

Just like the pick-up location, we use coffee shops and hotels along your route as a drop-off. No longer do you have get dropped off in a parking lot or a gas station in the middle of no-where. Rather, end your journey with comfort and safety.

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Request your ride

Request a ride up to one hour before you need it

Any time you schedule a ride with Hitch, you’ll have the flexibility to head out when you’re ready. Our Average price is $25 and ride are available from 7AM to 7PM, operating between Austin and Houston.

Loved for all kinds of reasons

"I love the flexibility and personalization of Hitch."

Devan M.
Austin Hiker

"I met people on my ride and learned so much about their life stories! Service is incredible."

Kaylee C.
Austin Hiker

"Met my new racquet ball buddy through Hitch. New friends!"

Joel H.
Houston Hiker

"I like how intimate the setting is and it's a great way to meet new people."

Nala S.
Houston Hiker

"I’m so grateful for your customer service and accommodation! I will definitely use this service again."

Izzie P.
Houston Hiker

"The whole service and trip was just excellent."

Kayla L.
Houston Hiker

"Used to take megabus but this was so much more comfortable and a lot faster of a process."

Ellen E.
Houston Hiker

"I use this app when I'm driving to Austin to make some extra money. I've gotten to know some really interesting people along the way."

Ross F.
Austin Hiker

"My girlfriend lives in Houston and I live in Austin. We use Hitch to visit each other almost every other week."

Travis R.
Houston Hiker

"You and the driver both have been very gracious and professional! We really appreciate the way we’ve been treated as first time users."

Nala S.
Houston Hiker

"Thanks for your courteous drivers, innovative creation of this service, coupled with great comfort and super reasonable rates."

Amelia F.
Houston Hiker

"Great experience! My ridesharing experience has been elevated by you guys."

Kendal W.
Houston Hiker

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